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DigitalMaint is an Innovative Start Up protagonist of the ICT Cloud Computing Saas sector as supplier of the DigitalMaint 4.0 Software Solution, in modality


of the IT components for the management of the Business Processes afferent to the Services and specifics management Functions relating to Facility Management, Building Management and Property Management, improving their overall efficiency

DigitalMaint 4.0

The DigitalMaint 4.0 software solution is created integrating the openMAINT Open Source application developed on CMDBuild® platform, (by Tecnoteca srl, mantainer of the open source projects CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT) with innovative VERTICAL SOLUTIONS derived from multiple design experiences created in synergy with Project Partners that allowed the development of specific skills in different product sectors.
Is the solution for management of buildings, infrastructures, plants, technical devices and maintenance activities, logistical and economic components, safety and traceability, Safety Security and Indoor Positioning; some of that are made using IoT technology.

DigitaMaint  CLOUD 

DigitaMaint 4.0  "SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE"

is the solution for SaaS Cloud Computing Services related to the Private, Public, Industry, Retail, Healthcare, Distribution and Real Estate sectors.

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your Core Business processes and systems, means saving time, money and energy that you can use for other purposes.

Thinking about ICT as a "consumable at will" material in "Cloud computing SaaS" mode, is possible today; for that DigitalMaint is constantly committed to providing support to companies wishing to make the best use of resources that we now perceive indispensable as Internet and Cloud Computing.