digitalmaint 4.0

The proposed solution is based on the strategic integration of best international Information and Communications Technology solutions, available on CLOUD COMPUTING SAAS mode


Whatever is the application, we are here to manage everything efficiently and with excellence.

THE solution  

STRATEGIC, because created by JOINT VENTURE between companies that collaborate in PARTNERSHIP to guarantee the success of the solution.

INNOVATIVE, in order to offer in a structured and integrated way, a wide range of solutions that allow Modeling and Interpretation of services, a monitoring and a control.

Success factors

The success factors to focus on are:
  • Functional organizational model, designed on actual needs and clear attributions of responsibilities
  • Simple procedures consistent with real management tools.
  • Management tools to support operational activities, service monitoring, management and quality control
  • Definition of accurate "measurable" performance standards


Information flow integrated in the management process between all the entities involved (ownership, contractor, contracting, user, etc.).

Control of the entities involved in the management process, of the activities, of the costs and of all the requirements of the contract.

Development of management strategies for improving operational effectiveness and efficiency;

Compliance with regulations, obligations and the responsability exercise

DigitalMaint 4.0

DigitalMaint 4.0 - contents

Building  &  Facility 

The Open Source openMAINT solution is an application that helps to know, organize and keep up-to-date data relating to real estate assets, supporting decision-making and operational activity of the managing body.

Is a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) application compliant to industry standards and "best practices".

Best Practice

Are applied to the IT components relating to the services, activities, procedures, technologies, software and management in the processes of:
  • Facility Management
  • Property Management
  • Building Management
  • Asset Management
  • Service Management
  • Public Lighting e Green Maintenace
  • Techinical Service
  • Safety, Fire protection and ..... other.


It manage wide range of management solutions structured and integrated applying WorkFlow models that allow modeling and interpretation of services as well as real-time monitoring of maintenance and control activities.

Its flexibility and parameterization capability can become, in a structured and integrated way, the operative tool for the management and creation of any new ad hoc model.

Property Management

The entirery administrative and technical activities necessary to manage real estate assets and the coordination of enhancement activities aimed at maximizing profitability, controlling costs and improving the technical and maintenance of buildings

cleaning & hr

IT solution created for large companies operating in the services sector and the Global Service which allows effective and efficient management of all aspects related to company human resources

document Management 

The IT solution about document and protocol management, allows the digitization of documents according to the current regulations laws and the recording of the same in order to be able to search, archive and consult them simply and fastly.

indoor positioning

The solution with a thousand uses for Effective Access Control and always maintaining high safety standards through the TRACEABILITY and REGISTRATION of all routes and stays.

The system offers a high standard of efficiency thanks to the an extreme control of the "visitor" in each area of the company, tracking accurately POSITION AND TIMES of the same, also verifiable using specific Mobile Apps


Cloud-based solution, integrated with the DIGITAL MAINT 4.0 ticket issuing system, in order to provide telephone assistance to user from the same platform used for various internal / external services.

Receive SMS, automate alerts and send proactive messages; each conversation becomes a ticket, in which workflows, reports, the complete history for each user, the automatic creation of tickets and calls recordings are integrated.


The solution connect Internet with real objects and devices connected to the network in order to manage security and control.
In Healthcare context for example, monitoring can be applicated to guests with behavioral disorders, with the aim of preventing, avoiding and alerting if someone exit from protected areas and structures, all in a discreet and non-invasive way for the client



Internet of Things, associates Internet with real objects and devices connected to the network, to manage information related to of automation themes, monitoring, detection, control and vision, using for exemple different type of sensors and detectors like Industrial territorial and environmental sensors or electronic and mechanical components


Building Information Modeling to connect information regarding building, geographical location, geometry, the properties of technical elements, construction phases and the maintenance operations.
Allows to integrate all the information relating to structures, systems, maintenance, maintenance, energy performance, in an intuitive and versable way, in order to let "visual" decisions.


Geographic Information System to connect data on structures and infrastructures with the intuitive power of geospatial technology in order to let intuitive and uniform visual decisions.

Allows simultaneous interrogation of the organization's assets with a complete monitoring of the processes and operating flows.