It's the Cloud Computing proposal for the management of Cloud Infrastructure Services related to the DigitalMaint 4.0 solution    

The application services are based on the availability and usability of a set of SaaS / IaaS / PaaS Technologies and Infrastructures, developed in partnership with global Brands of reference for Cloud Data Center structures such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

This partnership allows DigitalMaint to provide the highest technological and security levels existing in the Cloud services sector as well as to provide specific Cloud Server and Storage Cloud services.

digitalmaint  Cloud Computing

To guarantee: Safety, Savings, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Usability, Elasticity, Timing, Service levels.
  • No infrastructure investment
  • Cost-based fee model
  • Immediate usability of the services
  • Reliability and continuity of the service
  • Extremely secure data encryption
  • Extreme control of all components
  • Simplified configuration and scalability
  • Access to complex applications
  • Extreme security and user profiling
  • High connectivity and sharing
  • Simplifies labor force mobility


The compliance of DigitalMaint's Cloud Computing Services observe the most advanced and rigorous certifications existing for the SaaS sector, and more stringent existing guidelines for the Public Administration sector.

DigitalMaint provides technological and security levels using infrastructures with dual Datacenter levels TIER 1/2/3 and 4.

We believe that choosing the two world Top Players in the sector, to place our services, describes DigitalMaint's ability to operate at the highest technological and safety levels in existence.

Dynamic DataCenter 

DigitalMaint services are provided using Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure DataCenters, located throughout Europe.

The reason for this choice is well represented by Gartner's quadrant, which cyclically evaluates the major world players in the sector according to certain evaluation criteria.

The AWS Amazon and Azure Microsoft Data Centers are clearly positioned at the top of the sector worldwide, reaching the "Leaders" quadrant, the only one where completeness of vision and ability to achieve are combined.